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Technology Partners

The software, training and consulting teams of Eigenvector Research proudly partner with various industry leaders to provide better integration, complete solutions, and new products. Here are some of those partners and how they work with us. We also have technical information in our documentation wiki about how our software interfaces with some of these partners’ products.

ABB Measurement & Analytics  is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of smart instrumentation and analyzers. Our Canadian facility boasts pioneering advancements in spectroscopy, addressing a multitude of industrial analytical requirements. Our expertise extends to our contract engineering department, where we hold Canada’s foremost provider of space-based optical sensors for greenhouse gases monitoring and worldwide weather observation. Our factory is renowned for its expertise in the development and production of industrial optical sensing solutions. Our portfolio encompasses an array of products, including FT-IR/FT-NIR spectrometers, OA-ICOS TDL analyzers, Multiwave Photometers, Water analyzers and controllers, Reid vapor pressure analyzers, Space optics, Metallurgical analyzers, Transformers health monitoring systems, and Level measurement devices. We also extend a global service support network, ensuring comprehensive assistance across the globe.
Agilent’s singular focus on measurement helps scientists, researchers and engineers address their toughest challenges with precision and confidence. With the help of Agilent’s products and services, they are better able to deliver the breakthroughs that make a measurable difference. Agilent partners as a reseller of Eigenvector Research software and by enabling devices to use models exported using Model_Exporter.
Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. We provide process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics, temperature, recording and digital communications, optimizing processes in terms of economic efficiency, safety & environmental impact. Our customers come from various industries, including chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power & energy, mining, minerals & metals, oil & gas and water & wastewater.
HORIBA Scientific is a global team created to better meet customers’ present and future needs by integrating the scientific instrumentation and applications expertise and resources of HORIBA. HORIBA Scientific offerings encompass a wide range of analytical instrumentation including Fluorescence, Raman and Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy. Horiba is a distributor of Eigenvector Research software products including embedded analysis solutions and off-the-shelf products, and a partner in our consulting services.
Indatech is a leading supplier of spectroscopic solutions designed for real-time analysis of both liquid and solid products. Serving the biotech, pharma, chemical, and environmental industries, our comprehensive product portfolio includes: UV VIS solutions (Asuryan), Raman spectroscopy (Viserion), NIR multipoint systems (SAMSPEC), and Hyperspectral imaging (Hypereal). Furthermore, Indatech takes pride in designing proprietary software compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 standards. This ensures optimal capability for real-time prediction of chemical and physical properties. Models built using the PLStoolbox can be seamlessly imported via Model exporter directly into the software. This facilitates ease of use for operators and allows for integration with automation systems through OPC-UA. Eigenvector Research and Indatech partner to provide hyperspectral imaging solutions with Solo+MIA and process analysers with SynTQ and Solo_Predictor.
Metrohm Applikon  headquartered in Schiedam, the Netherlands has been designing, manufacturing and distributing online analytical analyzers worldwide for nearly 50 years. Our industrial process analyzers are now known under the Metrohm Process Analytics brand name. Thousands of these reliable process analyzers perform online or atline analysis for process control with high precisions and uptimes, day in and day out! Our products can be equipped to perform all kinds of analytical methodologies such as: titration, photometry, voltammetry, ion-selective measurement, ion chromatography, and even reagentless techniques as NIR and Raman spectroscopy. The analyzers are used in a variety of industries like: power, semiconductor, petro/chemical, metal, galvanic, mining, pulp and paper, textile, food and beverages and pharmaceutical industries. For environmental and ambient air applications, dedicated analyzers have been developed and are available. Metrohm Process Analytics offers a wide range of analytical equipment which can be supplied with sample preconditioning systems as well as network software for local or remote data handling and analyzer control.
Ondalys is a consulting and training company in chemometrics. Ondalys experts assist companies in the agrofood, pharma, petrochem areas in interpreting instrumental spectroscopic and sensory data, in order to obtain all the relevant information and provide efficient decision-aid tools. As a technology partner, Ondalys extensively uses Eigenvector software packages for consulting services and building home-made data processing methods. Ondalys also provides training sessions in chemometrics with MATLAB and Eigenvector software in France and in Europe.
Optimal Industrial Automation Ltd is one of the longest established system integrators in the industry having been in business for 25 years. Optimal has considerable experience in all forms of industrial automation from process through to discrete automation and from the shop floor to the ERP. Optimal often works with clients to optimise their productivity and efficiency or minimise their use of consumables such as energy. Optimal has been a leading PAT provider for over 12 years with its PAT Data Management Product synTQ. synTQ is used my many leading manufacturers as an integral part of their PAT process, and integrates with Eigenvector’s products. Optimal is a partner in Eigenvector’s consulting services where the complementary skill sets can be used to good advantage by our clients.
tec5USA  is a manufacturer of tailored OEM & in-line process spectrometers utilizing UV-VIS, NIR, Raman and LIBS methodologies. We deliver superb Optical and Spectroscopy Solutions for the Analytical markets. In the Process environments, rather than waiting for time-consuming laboratory measurements, we focus on real-time verification by rapidly measuring time-critical chemical and physical parameters to react immediately to deviations in the production line. We enable consistent quality, waste minimization and rework reduction, yield maximization, end-to-end supply chain optimization and pay per content. Industries we serve are OEM, Analytical, Life Sciences, Medical and Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Thin Film technology, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Environmental Technology, Biotechnology and Pharma, Food, Feed and Beverages as well as Agriculture.
Tornado Spectral Systems  is a global leader in chemical analysis and measurement systems designed for Raman spectroscopy. Empowered by its High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS™) patented technology, Tornado Raman spectrometers provide a substantial boost in photon collection efficiency by eliminating the physical slit found in conventional spectrometers. This innovative approach mitigates signal losses while preserving high spectral resolution, enabling faster measurements and lower detection limits. Its non-destructive, real-time measurement solutions bring a myriad of advantages to established analytical practices and facilitate the broader application of Raman methods across industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, biotechnology, and beyond.