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    How do I install PLS_Toolbox on two different versions of Matlab?

Possible Solutions:

    We do this all of the time for testing purposes. You basically have two options:

    1) For a totally separate installation you can make a copy of PLS_Toolbox and put that in the toolbox folder of your new version of Matlab. Then "install" this copy in the new version by making the new PLS_Toolbox folder your Matlab Current Directory and running 'evriinstall' from the command line.

    2) For a semi separate installation you can just "install" PLS_Toolbox on your new version of Matlab from its existing folder. As above, make that folder the Matlab Current Directory and run 'evriinstall' from the command line.

    The 'evriinstall' function basically just adds PLS_Toolbox to the path and sets a few Matlab environmental settings. Nothing is saved permanently accept for the info.xml file which tells the Matlab help system where the PLS_Toolbox help files are located (this shouldn't be a problem).

    We here at Eigenvector generally use the second option most of the time. The advantage is that you don't have to maintain 2 versions of PLS_Toolbox in cases of bug fixes and updates. However, if you're making changes to code and want an untainted copy you might go with option one.

Still having problems? Check our documentation Wiki or try writing our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com