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    Where is the conpred1 function?

Possible Solutions:

    The conpred1 function was used for converting a PLS model into one regression vector. The PLS functions in PLS_Toolbox 3.0 report the regression vector directly, so there is no need for conpred1 any more. You can find it in the
    field of the model structure.

    You may also want to try the regcon function which converts a model into a simple y = ax+b form by using the regcon function:
      >> regcon
      REGCON Converts regression model to y = ax + b form.
       'regcon help' gives extended help                  
      I/O: [a,b] = regcon(mod);
    Alternately, if you want a collection of regression vectors, each for a particular number of LVs, you can use the SIMPLS or PCR function, which output these directly.

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