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    I get an error message when I use plotscores with a scores matrix.

Possible Solutions:

    There is a known bug in Version 3.0.3a of the PLS_Toolbox in which PLOTSCORES will not work correctly when only a scores matrix is input (instead of a model structure). The work-around is to use the following commands to use plotscores:
    >>modl                  = modelstruct('pca');
    >>modl.loads{1}         = scores;
    >>modl.loads{2}         = scores;
    >>modl.detail.includ{1} = 1:size(scores,1);
    If you have labels and/or classes add these two lines prior to the plotscores line above:
    >>modl.detail.label{1}  = labels;    %if labels are available
    >>modl.detail.class{1}  = classes;   %if classes are available
    This has been fixed in Version 3.5.2 of PLS_Toolbox.

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