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    Why is the PLS_Toolbox help information not available in my Matlab help window?

Possible Solutions:

    There are several possible reasons you may not be able to access PLS_Toolbox help information from Matlab's Help window:

    A) Matlab version earlier than 7.0
      PLS_Toolbox's help is only available in the Matlab help browser in Matlab 7.0 and later. To access PLS_Toolbox help in earlier versions, use the command helppls.

    B) Help Window Not Refreshed
      If you have just installed PLS_Toolbox and cannot access the help information in Matlab's Help window, you may need to restart Matlab. In some cases, you must restart Matlab after installing PLS_Toolbox for the help to be available.

    C) PLS_Toolbox not installed in default folder
      If you renamed the folder containing the PLS_Toolbox m-files from "PLS_Toolbox" to a something else, Matlab will be unable to locate the help files. Later versions of PLS_Toolbox will automatically correct for this change but, for now, you must manually change the info.xml file in PLS_Toolbox's main folder:

      1) Change the Matlab working directory to your PLS_Toolbox directory.

      2) Type "edit info.xml" to open the file as a text file.

      2) Change line 12 from:

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