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    How do I make the plotscores commands shown at the end of the VARIMAX demo work?

Possible Solutions:

    NOTE: See also the FAQ item relating to a bug in PLOTSCORES pre version 3.0.4

    There is a typo in the varimax demo. Near the end of the demo, it says that you can explore the scores and loadings using the plotscores commands. If you try to execute them as written, you will get an error. The lines should read as follows:
    % plotscores(model)            % plot the PCA scores {Note: options.sct = 1}
    % plotscores(vscores,arch(1:63,:).label{1},arch(1:63,:).class{1}) % plot the rotated scores
    % plotloads(model)                        % plot the PCA loadings
    % plotloads(vloads,arch.label{2})       % plot the rotated loadings

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