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    What’s the best way to install Solo/PLS_Toolbox in a classroom?

Possible Solutions:

    If you’re using PLS_Toolbox, contact The Mathworks for a demonstration copy of Matlab:


    Note that having an internet connection makes installing a demo copy of Matlab much easier.

    If you have limited access and you are unfamiliar with Matlab and or Solo try installing a demo before the day of the class to familiarize yourself with the process.

    1) Create an account on the Eigenvector website and request a demo of latest version of Solo or PLS_Toolbox. This will generate a 30+ day demo license code. If you need a longer license period contact us at helpdesk@eigenvector.com.

    For students bringing their own computers, have them obtain a demo of the latest version from our webstite.

    2) Download the PLS_Toolbox or Solo .exe installer and make sure you obtain the license code (either via email or from the download page).

    3) Copy the installer to a USB drive (or CD/DVD). Make an additional copy (on additional media). In general we recommend 2 copies per person who will be installing so each person has 2 USB drives for example. It can also be helpful to make a text file on each containing the license code so you can copy/paste the code rather than type it.

    4) On the first computer, copy the installer.exe (and license code file) from the USB drive to the desktop.

    5) Launch the installer and follow the installation steps until the installer starts decompressing/copying files. This process will take some time so begin a second installation at this point.

    6) Enter the license code when prompted and complete the installation.

    7) Repeat step 4 with the second USB drive on the next computer. You can “leapfrog” computers as the process completes.

    As a guideline, 2 people with 4 USB drives should be able to install PLS_Toolbox/Solo on roughly 20 computers in about an hour.

    Contact helpdesk@eigenvector.com if you have any trouble.

Still having problems? Check our documentation Wiki or try writing our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com