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    Why can't I recompile the PLS_Toolbox functions?

Possible Solutions:

    From time to time, we are asked about recompiling PLS_Toolbox functions. For example:

      I purchased a license for PLS_Toolbox and for the MATHWORKS' MATLAB Compilier, so why can't I now freely compile parts of PLS_Toolbox?

    The response from president Barry Wise is:

      Buying the MATLAB Compiler gives you a license to recompile and distribute compiled copies of .m files that are the intellectual property of The MathWorks, Inc. This does not, however, give you any right to recompile and distribute compiled copies of .m files that are intellectual property of Eigenvector Research, Inc.

      We don't receive any renumeration from The MathWorks when they sell a Compiler. If we let people recompile and redistribute our code without our permission, we'd soon be out of business as this would allow anyone with PLS_Toolbox and the MATLAB Compiler to give away as many copies of our products as they'd like.

    However, we do offer recompilation licenses. For more information on recompiling parts of PLS_Toolbox for internal or external use, please see the following pages:

    keywords: recompile, compile, recompilation, compiler

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