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    Why do I get an error saying "Too Many Output Arguments" when using the Mathworks' Neural Networks interface?

Possible Solutions:

    The Mathworks' Neural Networks tool uses a function named "regression.m" as part of its functions. This function conflicts with a function of the same name in PLS_Toolbox.

    Fortunately, the regression function in PLS_Toolbox is not used (it is an outdated way to start the Analysis interface). To solve the problem, locate the "regression.m" (and possible "regression.p") files in the PLS_Toolbox sub-folder:
    (note, the 671 number will reflect whatever version of PLS_Toolbox you have installed and may be different from that shown above.

    Locate the regression._ files in that folder and delete them This will not harm PLS_Toolbox's operation and will make the Neural Network functions work again.

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