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    Where can I find the electronic version of the documentation?

Possible Solutions:

    There are two types of documentation delivered with every electronic copy of PLS_Toolbox and Solo. The first is a PDF file located in either the main PLS_Toolbox folder, or, for Solo, accessible through the Help menu:

  • PLS_Manual_#.pdf An introduction, chemometrics tutorial and description of the PLS_Toolbox and its use.

  • and the second is a series of HTML documentation files which can be browsed by going to:

  • PLS_Toolbox/help/main_page.html The software users guide including a detailed reference listing of all the PLS_Toolbox functions, how they are used and related information.

  • In addition, the pages of the users guide and reference manual can be found on-line at: http://wiki.eigenvector.com

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