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    Can I install PLS_Toolbox (or Solo) on more than one PC, such as on my desktop and laptop computer?

Possible Solutions:

    Under the single-user license agreement, we allow installation of our software products on multiple computers provided that:
    1. these computers are accessed only by the licensed end-user and
    2. only one copy is in use simultaneously.
    Thus, for example, one copy can be installed on both a desktop and laptop, provided that the single user uses only one of these at a time.

    We allow use of a single-user license by multiple end-users if and only if:
    1. the software is installed on a single computer
    2. that computer requires the end-users to be physically present to access the software, such as with a walk-up computer in a laboratory and
    3. only one user is accessing the software at a time (no concurrent signons)

    Our license agreement does not permit single-user licenses to be installed on multiple computers accessed by multiple individuals, nor does it allow multiple users to access a single-user license over a network.

    If multiple users are going to access the software on multiple computers, they each need to have their own single-user license, or a floating-license with license server that limits the number of copies in simultaneous use.

    For more information see:

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