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    Why is my model built using command line functions different from the same one I built in Analysis GUI?

Possible Solutions:

    If you build a model in Analysis GUI and at the command line (using functions like PLS, PCR, PCA, MLR, etc) you should get identical models, assuming you use the same data.

    If you observe differences, they are usually caused by not selecting the same preprocessing. For most analysis methods, Analysis GUI defaults to autoscaling (unless you change this default in the Analysis GUI settings). To get an identical model at the command line, you will need to select the same preprocessing and pass it to the model building function in the options. An example for a PLS model would be:
     pp = preprocess('default','autoscale');
     options = pls('options');
     options.preprocessing = {pp pp};   %{ x_preprocessing  y_preprocessing }
     model = pls(x,y,ncomp,options);

    For more information on options and preprocessing, see the pls demo and preprocess built-in demos:
     pls demo
     preprocess demo

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