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    I get an error "Too many output arguments" when starting the Analysis GUI (or similar)

Possible Solutions:

    Linux Matlab 2007a
    On the Linux operating system with Matlab 2007a, the primary cause of this error is a bug in Matlab when using a demo/expiring version of PLS_Toolbox.

    There is no work-around for this problem except to purchase a full version of PLS_Toolbox or change to a newer version of Matlab.

    Full (non-expiring) versions of PLS_Toolbox contain all the source m-code and work in all versions of Matlab (version 6.5 and later) on all Matlab supported platforms (Linux, Windows, MAC OSX, Solaris, etc).

    Other Platforms / Versions
    If you experience this problem with a system other than Matlab 2007a and Linux, please contact our helpdesk.

Still having problems? Check our documentation Wiki or try writing our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com