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    How do I change the font size for all labels on a plot (at once)?

Possible Solutions:

    There are two options when using PLS_Toolbox.

    A) Use the Matlab set command to set a default size for any text object:
    (Replace "14" with whatever size you want). This will set the default size for all text items (including labels). This will NOT change axis label sizes.

    B) A function created for our stand-alone product, Solo, but available in PLS_Toolbox allows you to edit font sizes and other settings through an additional "Edit" menu on a figure. Before creating any figures, run the following command to add the menu to all figures:
     initfigure on
    Or, if you've already created a figure, just use the command:

    This will be a little strange in PLS_Toolbox because there will be two "edit" menus, but the second edit menu will contain a couple of useful tools including "Axis Font Settings" which will change the font size for all items on an axis (including labels).

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