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    Some or all of the PLS_Toolbox functions do not work.

Possible Solutions:

    To help diagnose problems with the PLS_Toolbox, try running the function evridebug at the Matlab command-line:
    >> evridebug
    WARNING: Problem found with PLS_Toolbox installation
      PLS_Toolbox functions may not operate as expected
      unless these problems are solved (see suggestions).
    * Problem:                                                             
        Some PLS_Toolbox files are "shadowed" by files with the same name.
     Possible Solutions:                                                  
        A) Remove/Rename the duplicate file(s)                            
        B) Move the identified folder below the PLS_Toolbox folders       
            using the Matlab command "pathtool"                           
        C) Remove the identified folder from the path using "pathtool"    
     Shadowed file(s):                                                    
        moveobj.m   (duplicate file in  C:\MATLAB6p5\work )               
    The output should help you determine what installation problems exist for PLS_Toolbox.

    If the evridebug function can not be found by Matlab, you will receive the following error:
    ??? Undefined function or variable 'evridebug'.
    If this happens, try changing your working directory to the PLS_Toolbox directory (see Matlab help for information on how to do this) and then run evridebug. If all else fails, you may want to install PLS_Toolbox again. Instructions can be downloaded from our website.

    A note about conflicting function names: Some Mathworks toolboxes conflict with PLS_Toolbox functions and the order of the folders in the Matlab path is very important. Tell me more ...

Still having problems? Check our documentation Wiki or try writing our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com